Few words about us

Joseph Evans, was born in February 1957 in Georgetown, SC. His mother passed when he was at a young age, leaving his grandmother to raise him and his two brothers and two sisters. His grandmother was a nanny and a cook. A very good cook, at that. She worked and his older siblings helped in raising them. His grandmother, Mrs.Effie Hemingway, taught them how to cook and work diligently. Joseph and his younger brother had to go out and work very young.

When Joseph got a little older, he and his younger brother wanted to find work for the summer to help their family. His first job was cleaning hotel rooms for a few dollars and doing little odd jobs. His older sister tried to keep a strong hand on them. So, each summer she made sure that they worked. As he got a little older, he began working in restaurants as a dish washer. Then he learned how to work the fryer then worked his way up to the grill. Each year he learned something different.

Joseph learned that you could learn alot by talking to cooks that new the restaurant business. He loves history, books, music, and most of all cooking. He began to get cooking jobs all over the Beach. Each summer he would work at a new restaurant, so he could learn from some of the best cooks in Myrtle Beach. From The Sea Captain House, to the Yurom, and so many more.

Years later, Joseph married his wife Sheila. Together they have four beautiful children, four grandsons and one granddaughter named True; whom the restaurant is named after.

He started working at Hot Stack and worked there for several years. Then, he started up a little snack shop on Carver Street. Then years later, it became Evans Fish Market, where he sold fresh fish and cooked food. That is where he started cooking barbecue. That lasted a few years then he opened up Dot's Crab & Rib Shack. Then God blessed him and his wife to open True BBQ, 2 years ago, located at 4002 Socastee Boulevard, a small shack. Now they have another location on Robert Grissom Parkway. Where he cooks the best slow cooked ribs, Boston butts, chicken and beef brisket. Where the meat will just fall-off-the-bone! Using a family recipe for the rub. ALL the BBQ sauces are homemade from mustard to sweet, hot and wild. All the home cooked vegetables are made with lots of love.

Keep coming In, there is always something new or different on the menu! .